Gabrielle Giffords Improving, Moving to Houston Rehab Center

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The status of Gabrielle Giffords continues to improve.

In the latest encouraging news about the Arizona Congresswoman, doctors plan on moving her to a rehab center in Houston in the very near future. This follows yesterday's significant step, as doctors took Giffords outside for the first time since the January 8 shooting.

"I saw the biggest smile she could gather," trauma surgeon Peter Rhee said of the politician's reaction to the hospital's roof deck. "We are very happy to have her enjoying the sunshine of Arizona."

Among recent improvements made by Giffords:

  • She successfully used an iPad.
  • She picked out different colored objects.
  • She moved her lips, although it's still unclear whether or not she can form words.

Mark Kelly, Gabrielle's astronaut of a husband, thinks his wife is familiar with her surroundings. At yesterday's briefing, he said: "I can just look in her eyes and tell. She is very aware of the situation."


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