Conrad Murray to Joe Jackson: Beat It!

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Dr. Conrad Murray wants Joe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit thrown out, and he may get his wish, thanks to Joe being bat$h!t insane a statute of limitations.

The embattled doc's lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss Joe's lawsuit, claiming he missed the one-year filing deadline and the claim should be tossed ASAP.

Charles Peckham claims Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, filed the lawsuit 158 days after the one-year deadline. There's also a matter of viability on its own merit.

How do you choose sides here?

Because Michael deliberately did not leave money to Joe in his will (his mom, his kids and charities will split it all), Joe's entitlement claims may be a stretch.

In other words, look for a dismissal one way or the next. We don't know exactly when, but when it's thrown out, Terry Henderson will be pumped for Conrad.

Good thing, too. Murray has enough on his plate, pending trial for involuntary manslaughter and all. No need to battle a frivolous lawsuit from some clown.

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