Debbie Flores-Narvaez, Vegas Showgirl, is Missing

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Debbie Flores-Narvaez, a showgirl, former NFL cheerleader and well-known figure in the Las Vegas entertainment community, suddenly disappeared.

"I can't make anything of this right now. It's not her. It's not her to go missing. It's not her to take a small vacation like this," her sister Celeste said.

The 31-year-old beautiful brunette is a dancer in Luxor’s steamy adult show Fantasy, as well as a go-go dancer at the Palms Hotel’s Rain Nightclub.

She was last seen Dec. 12 going to the home of her ex, Blu Griffith.

On December 13, the dancer didn't arrive as scheduled at Fantasy and her maroon Chevy Prism was later found abandoned in Northeast Las Vegas.

Police are not saying whether they believe foul play was involved.

Griffith confirmed to Celeste Flores-Narvaez that Debbie was at his home early that evening, but didn’t stay long and was going to meet friends.

"He told me she said she’s been depressed for the past couple days because it was the holidays and she wasn’t around her family," Celeste said.

"Debbie was kind of private," she added, "but I understand from almost all her friends that her relationship with Blu made her upset a lot."

Las Vegas entertainers don't know what yet to make of the case, but insist it isn’t like Debbie Flores-Narvaez to simply up and disappear.

“She’s a really sweet girl, always happy,” a co-worker said of the former Redskins cheerleader. “I don’t think she ever called in sick or didn’t show.”

Hopefully this sad story turns out alright. If you know anything about her whereabouts please do not hesitate to contact your local authorities.