Source: Capri Anderson Was a "Teenage Drug Dealer"

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We know all about Capri Anderson's present: the porn star allegedly charged Charlie Sheen $12,000 for one night in New York City, which concluded with her calling hotel security on the rampaging actor.

As for the part-time escort's past? It's just coming to light, and it includes an arrest record.

In 2003 - when she was 15 years old and went by her birth name of Christina Walsh - Anderson was arrested for possession of 20 grams of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. She was charged with two first degree misdemeanors, but the rest of her record has been sealed because she was a juvenile at the time.

Speaking to Radar Online, an ex-boyfriend named Micah Mayell said of Anderson: "When she was in high school she looked like a sweet, innocent girl, but the truth was, she was a teenage drug dealer.”

Mayell added that the star of Virgins of the Screen 6 would use cocaine "in moderation" and smoke pot every day.

“The only drug she was addicted to was marijuana, which she did every day because she needed it to make her chill,” he said.

Insiders say Anderson is planning to sue Sheen, hoping that the threat of leaking details regarding their night together will embarrass him into a large settlement. That plan, however, is predicated on Sheen possessing an ounce of shame.


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