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Can’t people give Jessica Simpson some credit?

From the moment she got engaged to Eric Johnson, rumors began flying that she bought her own ring and is only trying to keep up with Nick Lachey.

Then, peeps assumed she must be knocked up, a story gaining traction today when she appeared on The Early Show and admitted booting earlier.

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Jessica Simpson is not with child. Just with the flu.

Talking to CBS’ Harry Smith, she admitted throwing up right before the interview: “I’ve had better mornings, I admit. I won’t let you smell my breath.”

It turns out it was just the flu, however. A source close to the newly engaged singer says “She’s not pregnant.” Explains the insider: “She was just sick.”

So, there you go. Her breath is awful, but she’s very happy and can’t stop gushing over the proposal by Eric Johnson, who loves her anyway. The end.