Is There Tape of Charlie Sheen's NYC Rampage?

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An anonymous source told Radar Online today that Charlie Sheen "has been partying in Los Angeles, using massive amounts of cocaine while getting together with several hookers."

While we can't verify whether or not this is what the actor has been up to since his alleged drug-fueled outburst in New York last week, Sheen's people are afraid the public soon will be able to see those actions for themselves.

"Team Charlie is terrified that tape exists and [they're] doing everything they possibly can to make sure it never sees the light," a source tells Pop Eater "Security cameras at the restaurant and hotel could have all caught his outrageous behavior."

Sheen and Cameramen

While it may be easy enough for reps to negotiate a deal with the hotel and the restaurant where Sheen reportedly caked his face in cocaine, there's one accessory that gives them nightmares: his misplaced cell phone.

"It contains text messages, phone numbers and could even contain damaging video and audio," an insider says. "If any audio surfaces of Charlie using the N-word or ranting like Mel Gibson, everything changes. It's easy for CBS to turn a blind eye and carry on as if nothing happened at the moment, but the second hard evidence is produced, Charlie is sunk."

Until then, hey, the bar and prostitute tab is on him!


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