Petey Pablo Popped For Packing Heat

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Rapper and alleged airport gun smuggler Petey Pablo has turned himself in.

A federal judge issued a warrant for Petey for that whole "bringing a gun to an airport on 9/11" thing. Crazy why they make rules against that, right?

Sources close to the rapper say that he immediately made plans to cooperate with authorities upon learning about his situation and the warrant involved.

Petey Pablo Mug Shot

Pablo was in custody for only a few hours yesterday, before being released on his own recognizance. He must now report to a U.S. probation officer.

He must report his travel plans well ahead of time, and he has agreed to refrain from "excessive alcohol" use and will submit to random drug testing.

Pablo's due in court in November, but has opted to use a public defender, citing an inability to pay for one himself. Last album not sell too well, Pete?