JWoww Forced Out of Jersey Shore Spinoff?

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Rumors surrounding a Jersey Shore spinoff continue to surface, with the latest being that JWoww (Jenni Farley) has been given the boot from an all-new series that was supposed to co-star herself and Snooki (Nicole Polizzi).

According to Us Weekly, MTV prefers the Princess of Poughkeepsie solo.

Snooki Bites

DYNAMIC DUO: MTV reportedly prefers the smaller, orange half.

Executives think focusing on Snooki will be a bigger hit, so they pushed JWoww out," an insider says, although MTV refused comment on all things Jersey Shore.

The Snooki dating show rumor has also been shot down by the orange one herself, but that may be contractual, or the show may not be about just dating.

Snook is reportedly seeing Jionni LaValle now, which may play into the plans to find love on TV too. Who knows. Regardless, she's got a lot on her plate.

She's writing a book - tentatively titled A Shore Thing - hitting stores in January. She promises that it "will have you falling in love at the shore." Sure thing.

The self-styled "guidette" also is working on hair products, and currently commands up to $20,000 to walk an event’s red carpet, according to reports.

No word if that fee includes muff cabbage.

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