Breaking Dawn Birth Scene: Tasteful and Intense, Cast Teases

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Mackenzie Foy has landed the vital role of Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

But it's this character's entry into the world that has fans buzzing. As any loyal Twilight Saga follower knows, the book details an intimate birth scene for Bella, as she struggles squeezing out the half-human spawn created by her and Edward.

Pregnant Bella!

This is where it all starts for Renesmee...

How will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play this out on screen?

Said Jackson Rathbone of Melissa Rosenberg's script: "I think people are really, really excited and surprised about how tastefully it can be done."

Echoed Nikki Reed, speaking to E! News over the weekend at Spike TV's Scream Awards:

"It's intense. It's really intense... I play a pivotal role in this, because this is what Rosalie has always wanted, you know what I mean? I'm with my acting coach every day, three hours a day... I really care about this and I want it to be good."

We have no doubt it will be.