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Was T.I. sippin’ on sizzurp and trippin’ balls on E when he and Tiny got popped by the po-po last night? That’s the rumor. Continue for a translation.

T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested last night after cops pulled them over claim they found what appears to be ecstasy in his pimp ass ride.

T.I. AND TINY: They’re in more than a tiny bit of trouble.

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T.I. and Tiny were nailed on the Sunset Strip after making an illegal U-turn. Cops smelled marijuana, did a search and found a controlled substance.

The found substance was allegedly ecstasy, albeit a “small amount,” sources report. The suspected pills of E are now being tested. But that’s not all.


Styrofoam cups in the front and back cupholders of his Maybach may show evidence of Sizzurp – a.k.a. purple drank, a.k.a. codeine syrup – as well.

Codeine falls under the class of drugs for which T.I. was arrested, and is the main ingredient in Sizzurp, a growing “thing” in the hip-hop world.


Sizzurp’s typically sipped from Styrofoam cups, no less. T.I.’s felony possession of a controlled substance could apply to codeine, ecstasy or both.

He and Tiny were released on $10,000 bail.

T.I. was released from federal prison back in December, having done seven months behind bars for illegally possessing machine guns and silencers.

T.I. is still on probation from the gun conviction, meaning Wednesday night’s arrest could qualify as a violation and he could be sent back to prison.

Stay tuned for further details there.

Meanwhile, Tiny Twittered upon returning home from her temporary quarters, “Jus wanted 2say thank u 2every1 dats been leaving encouraging msgs & prayers! We love u guys:-)going 2bed now! So glad 2b n a nice clean bed.”

THG NOTE: Who is leaving T.I. and Tiny encouraging messages and prayers? Probably the same peeps Tweeting support for freaking Paris Hilton.