Sandra Bullock Gushes Over Baby Louis

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In her first TV interview since her divorce from Jesse James, Sandra Bullock said on Today that things happen for a reason and she's looking forward, not back.

The Oscar winner spoke to Matt Lauer about her work New Orleans' Warren Easton Charter High School and the finalization of her adoption of baby son Louis.

She calls the lil' fella her "little Cajun cookie."

Sandra Gives Back

Sandra Bullock helps open a school in her son's hometown.

"Everything works out the way the universe wants it to work out," said Bullock, who was on hand to open the new student health center she helped fund.

Of the child she and James planned to adopt (she took over raising Louis solo after the couple split, she said, "We had always said it didn't matter where the child came from. If they had issues that were medical issues, we didn't care."

"The child that needed us is the child that's going to be placed."

Reflecting on the "long, long" adoption process that led her to her new family member Bullock said now 7-month-old Louis is a perfect fit in her family:

"We don't have any boys in our family. Boy, is everyone really happy about that. He's like the crown prince. You know, it's nothing but girls in our family."

"It was just the hierarchy that needed to be broken."

Bullock credits her family and friends, whom she says have "massive amounts of integrity," for keeping the adoption, which took place in January a secret.

The story about Louis' adoption months did not break until several months later - after Jesse James' cheating scandal had become front page news.

"I'm blessed with the same friends I've had since before things got really special for me and blessed in life," Bullock said. "I am truly lucky."