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Does the Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag sex tape actually exist? Like the rest of us, the porn company he wants to sell it to has doubts – at least to a degree.

So far, the tape is all talk by Spencer Pratt (and Karissa Shannon, but that’s only slightly more credible), and you know how well you can trust that guy.

Steven Hirsch, head of Vivid Entertainment, says he’s not meeting with the gruesome twosome in person until he sees a Heidi Montag sex tape preview.

King of sex tapes … or just BS? [Photo:]

The adult film kingpin is not going to down to Costa Rica to meet with Spencer about the sex tape, which he requested, until Pratt coughs up a teaser.

Pratt is asking for at least $5 million for a “library of footage.” Before negotiating further, Hirsch wants to see at least 30 seconds of whatever that is.

Hirsch says he asked Pratt to send him some kind of preview, as he doesn’t want to be part of some publicity stunt – shocking skepticism on his part.

So far, he hasn’t seen as much as a screen capture of Heidi Montag naked. So the bluff is officially being called – it’s put up or shut up time for Speidi.

As we reported last week, Heidi is publicly denying that such a tape exists, but also trying to cajole Hirsch into meeting with her … very mixed signals.

She’s been hiding out in Costa Rica for reasons unknown, with Spencer allegedly holding the tape over her head so she won’t divorce him … very odd.

Spencer, for what it’s worth (not a lot) even says he doesn’t want to release the tape, but will do so if Heidi does not take him back and do a new show.

It’s unclear if the tape is all a fabrication or whether they simply want to drum up PR without selling it, but we’d bet against it seeing the light of day.

What do you think? Does the tape exist?