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Ali Fedotowsky and Vienna Girardi. Like oil and water.

What went down when the two ladies, who clashed repeatedly as they vied for Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor this year, were reunited at last on Thursday?

Not a lot, to be honest. But still, it was hella awkward!

Vienna Girardi, Sideways Selfie

Ali with Roberto (left) and ex-rival Vienna. [Photos:]

Ali, who chose to bail on the show and star on The Bachelorette return to work and let Vienna have Jake (smart move), hit the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge at Montage Beverly Hills when she ran into none other than her old rival.

Sadly, for us, but respectfully for them, there was no huge cat fight that broke out when Vienna learned Ali was already at the venue browsing the free stuff.

But still … not a lot of love lost there.

“Vienna kind of smirked when she was told Ali was there already,” a source reports. “They ignored each other the whole time until Ali went to hug Vienna.”

“They said ‘hi’ briefly,” the source said, before noting, not surprisingly, that. “Ali was more friendly than Vienna, but they only interacted for a few seconds.”

Not that it was all bitterness between them.

Before they went their separate ways, Vienna told Ali she thought Roberto Martinez was a “good choice.” Compared to Jake Pavelka, that’s not saying a lot.

John Sala, the bar has been set, dog. Low.