Victoria Hopper to Inherit Dennis' Fortune?

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Dennis Hopper wanted badly to divorce wife Victoria and accused her of wanting him dead. Now that he is, will she inherit the Hollywood iconoclast's money?

The 74-year-old actor may have died peacefully over the weekend, but the war over his estate may be anything but, thanks to his marrying Victoria Hopper.

More specifically, thanks to his inability to divorce her in time.

Dennis had been desperately trying to end the marriage - he filed for divorce in January - but time ran out and the separation was not final when he passed.

Under their prenup, Victoria gets 25 percent of Dennis' fortune and a $250,000 life insurance payout - if they were married and living together when he died.

Dennis did not have good things to say about Victoria Hopper by the end.

That second part is critical because Victoria has been living in a separate house ... on the same property as Dennis. The definition of a legal gray area.

Victoria Hopper will surely argue that since she was on the property, she was indeed living with Dennis, and is thus entitled to the big financial payout.

Dennis' high powered attorney Joe Mannis would not be surprised in the least, saying "She said she would challenge it, and I fully expect her to do so."

His side could counter that Victoria Hopper tried to have him killed ... a minor hurdle. Victoria's alleged methods of offing Dennis never did come to light.

The probate battle over the estate should begin any day now.