The City Season Premiere Recap: Whitney Port Rules, Roxy Olin and Olivia Palermo are Beyond Useless

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The City picked up right where we left off last season with Whitney getting her big chance at New York Fashion Week, and Olivia continuing to be dead weight at Elle.

If nothing else, last night's Season Two premiere, "Show 'Em What You Got" was proof positive that this is not The Hills, which is about reality stars doing nothing.

While we've criticized it often for being boring, at least it knows what it is right now - the story of ambitious young woman attempting to make a career for herself.

Here's THG's plus-minus recap of The City season premiere ...

Whitney Port on the Gram

Whitney Port has a show coming up at NYFW and we couldn't be more excited. Plus 4 for working her a$$ off and chasing a career instead of boys (novel concept).

Then there's Roxy Olin. Oh, Roxy. She is useless ... except for the vital skill of following Whitney around to ask questions so the audience is up to date. Minus 3.

Plus 6 for Kelly Cutrone for supporting Whitney and taking every opportunity to get digs in at Roxy, as if she can't believe she's even here and must be dealt with.

The fashion show hits predictable snags, but the buyers appear to whisper more compliments than criticism, and Kelly gives Whitney a "job well done" hug. Plus 10.

Olivia Palermo met with Joe Zee to discuss the Today debacle ... and belittle Erin: “She’s a publicist… I’m an editor of the magazine.” Minus 7, because ... LOL.

At least the two finally ended their feud ... kinda sorta. Erin backed off her threat to leave Elle if Olivia wasn’t fired, and continued her career. Smart move. Plus 8.

Smart for her career, that is. Erin still hates Olivia's guts. No points, we're just saying. How someone so inept is still employed in this day and age is beyond us.

Bless her heart, Whitney Port cannot express emotion with her voice. Every sentence sounds identical. Minus only 2, though, because her eyes help compensate ...

Robbie insinuates that Olivia is a fame whore and Erin would soon be jealous of all the additional attention she’ll be getting. Pretty much spot on, Robbie! Plus 5.

We loved how Whitney was a mess before her collection debuted, putting the fashion line above her own appearance. Plus 3 again for the right priorities, girl.

Olivia, while interviewing Anna Sui: “You won the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award, and I was there." Minus 12 for trying to make every effing thing about her.

Hey Roxy, effing do something. Anything. Make us interested in your presence. Minus 4. The girl wants to be an actress - stir up some drama, already! Yeesh.

TOTAL: +8. A surprisingly strong debut for Whitney & Co. We're skeptical that they'll be able to sustain borderline compelling levels, for long, but here's hoping ...

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