Stephanie Pratt Defends Speidi, Role Model Status

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Spencer Pratt and wife Heidi Montag have been in the news a lot lately, conducting a personal stress test on the theory that any publicity is good publicity.

Between Heidi Montag's plastic surgery, Spencer's Twitter outburst at Audrina Patridge, Kate Hudson and others, his involuntary leave from The Hills, and her sexual harassment the show's creator, it's been a whirlwind of bad PR.

But Stephanie Pratt thinks you can still look up to Speidi.

"I think we've all grown up," she said of her co-stars and family members at Thursday's Hot Hollywood party at Drai's Hollywood inside the W Hollywood.

"The problem is that anything bad we do is so magnified," explained younger Pratt. "We all do a pretty good job of being OK role models for everyone."

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To Stephanie Pratt, Speidi still meets role model criteria.

Of the couple's alleged sexual harassment suit against Adam DiVello, which they later jettisoned, she said, "I really stay out of it. I don't know what's going on."

In January, the younger Pratt had some role model setbacks of her own after she was sentenced to three years of probation following her October 2009 DUI.

Her own physical appearance has also transformed dramatically of late.

"Thank god for being on the show," she said. "Because it really has helped my style and appearance." Oh yes, it's totally been a good thing, absolutely.

You can also thank PETA for showing us Stephanie Pratt nude. Holla!

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