Lindsay Lohan: Strapped, Ready For Cinemax

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The ridiculous things Lindsay Lohan Tweets don't even cause us to bat an eye most of the time, but given recent events in her life, this one has us concerned.

Posting links to her "artistic" recent photo shoot with Tyler Shields, Lindsay looks like she's trying out for a Cinemax late night movie. Seriously. What a mess.

Someone whose friends already think will die soon probably shouldn't be packing heat, no matter what "art" form inspires her. And the lingerie shots ... wow.

We may even join Team Michael one of these days. Okay, that's a bit extreme. No way we'd ever give that waste of oxygen the satisfaction. Still, we worry ...

Believe it or not, this isn't actually for Cinemax. Here's what Tyler Shields himself wrote on his official site: "Everyone has an idea of Lindsay Lohan and last night I had the pleasure of working with her she is a huge art lover."

She is? All she does is get plastered and Tweet at Samantha.

Lindsay "simply wanted to create some and that is exactly what we did! Lindsay will have a few crazy shots in my upcoming book The Dirty Side of Glamor."

Check out the Lindsay Lohan pictures below (and call DCFS) ...

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