ACM Awards Fashion Face-Off: Carrie Underwood vs. Lindsey Vonn

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The Academy of Country Music Awards brought out the best performers in that genre, and in the case of the two ladies below, some of the best in style.

Not that it's hard to look fashionable when you're perpetual country queen Carrie Underwood or Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn. Not bad genes.

As we saw with Camila Alves and Faith Hill, the celebrity style showdown below pits one country superstar against a gorgeous, albeit out of place star.

Lindsey certainly can't compete with Carrie in the music department - she won Entertainer of the Year last night - but she is a gold medalist. So there!

It's all about the fashion, though. Who do you think looked better last night? A tough call, we know. But you're up for it. Just vote in our survey below ...

A Gorgeous Carrie
Lovely Lindsey Vonn

Carrie vs. Lindsey: A clash of titans. [Photos: Splash News]

Who was the Academy of Country Music Awards' best dressed?

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