Alexander Skarsgard: A (Hot!) Milennium Man

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Alexander Skarsgard is featured in the latest issue of LA Times Magazine.

The publication has dubbed this True Blood cast member as its "Milennium Man" and we'll go right ahead and speak for our female readers by saying to it: Thank you.

Below, we've posted a few excerpts from the actor's interview with the magazine, as well as a few photos of him. Enjoy!

On playing a vampire: What makes vampires a platform for good drama is they’re also lethal. Eric is an animal. He’s on that edge where you don’t know if he will turn and kill you in a second.

On being an outsider: I’m not a “Hollywood” actor. I am a social guy, but I’m not one of those actors who will show up to a shoot with 15 agents and managers and publicists. An entourage like that just makes me uncomfortable.

On handling fame: In order for me to stay sane, I try to mostly stay away from the fan sites, the blogs and the Twitterers.

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Alexander Skarsgard is best known for his role on HBO's True Blood. The Swedish actor plays Eric on that hit series. Skarsgard has also... More »
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