Jaimee Grubbs: The Ralph Photo Shoot

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Before she revealed she was sleeping with Tiger Woods, no one knew Jaimee Grubbs. Now that people do (or at least some people do), she's milking it big time!

The trashy home-wrecker extraordinaire, who leaked Tiger's voicemail to her and revealed his cheating ways, is doing all she can to cash in on her 15th minute.

That's taking sleazy to a new level. Even Rielle Hunter tried to keep her mouth shut about screwing John Edwards. This is basically rubbing it in Elin Woods' face.

Here's Jaimee Grubbs trying to look hot on the cover of Ralph ...

Jaimee Grubbs Ralph Cover

The title of the magazine's article on Jaimee? "Text Appeal." Nice wordplay, but again, rewarding her for banging a married man and selling him out? Pretty low, Ralph.

She is also referred to as "Tiger's Sexiest Mistress." Please. Sure, she looks good with airbrushing, but Rachel Uchitel, Julie Postle and Loredana Jolie are way hotter.

At least according to our hottest mistress poll. In any case, here are some of the Jaime Grubbs pictures published by Ralph this month. Click to enlarge ...

Text Appeal
Money Grubbs
Jaimee Grubbs Bikini Pic
Jaimee Grubbs Cleavage
Hot Jaimee Grubbs Pic
Jaimee Grubbs Bikini Photo

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