Elizabeth Kennedy: I Didn't Try to Kill Greg Brady!

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During its run, The Brady Bunch dealt with many family issues.

But we can't recall an episode that focused on what to do if you accuse your ex-girlfriend of wielding a knife against you and she responds by saying you're a bitter liar that's angry about a high credit card bill.

Such is the situation Barry Williams, best known for portraying Greg Brady, finds himself in. The former child star obtained a restraining order against Elizabeth Kennedy - his live-in, three-year girlfriend - last month amidst allegations that she threatened to kill herself and Williams.

Now, Kennedy is fighting back.

Documents filed with Los Angeles Superior Court state that Williams' accusations are "nothing other than an attempt to embarrass and defame Ms. Kennedy, being brought in retaliation for her incurring 'excessive' charges on his credit card while they were living together."

Interest rates can be a bitch, Elizabeth. Give the guy a break!

Elizabeth Kennedy and Barry Williams

Kennedy also asserts the restraining order was "his attempt to obtain some type of advantage in the anticipated litigation," as reports indicate she was set to sue the actor for palimony.

What about charges that Kennedy threatened Williams with a knife?

"She was not even in the state of California on the date that [Williams] alleges the threat occurred," the filing states.

Moreover, Kennedy says it's "noteworthy" that her ex never elaborated on the circumstances behind any of the alleged attacks and states "she never hit or struck" him.

In closing, Kennedy compares her frame to that of Williams and says: "I am stunned by the suggestion that a man the size of Barry Williams would think he needs a restraining order to prevent being slapped by a woman of my size. I believe the more likely explanation is Barry is being vindictive because of a financial dispute between us, and not because I pose any threat to him or his property."

Small can still equate to dangeous and crazy, Elizabeth. Just look at many women on The Bachelor.