Tila Tequila: Not Exactly Pregnant

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You won't believe this, but Tila Tequila recently wrote something on Twitter that wasn't true. We'll give you a few moments to get over the shock...

Earlier this week, the troubled reality star said she had agreed to be a surrogate mom for her brother and typed the words: "I'm pregnant."

Now, however, she tells Life & Style that she's isn't exactly knocked up, but:

"I'm about to be. When I tweeted that, I figured there's not enough space in the 140 characters. [I meant] I'm going to give him a Christmas present that's going to change his life."

You might be better served just going with a PlayStation 3, Tila.

So Messed Up

Tequila says she plans on getting impregnated and then handing the child off to her sibling.

"I don't have time to take care of a real baby of my own," she said. "I feel I am very ready to experience the whole pregnancy process, but without having to actually have the baby as mine."

If Tila actually goes through with this, it will certainly be a kind, warm-hearted gesture. But she'll forgive us if we're skeptical.

In June, she Tweeted about another pregnancy, only to delete the post and take everything back days later.

Best of luck waking up next to this trainwreck each morning, Casey Johnson!


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