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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a pretty big Tiger Woods scandal burning up the Internet.

The golfer’s stunning affairs have taken up most of our staff’s time, as we were hunkered down in the office last night, shaking our heads in disbelief and refreshing our browsers for rumored Jaimee Grubbs nude pics.

Fortunately, our friends at TV Fanatic watched the latest episodes of Thursday night television for us and have reviewed each below. Follow the links to be take a break from coverage of Tiger’s trangressions…

  • We almost lost faith in the show, but FlashForward aired its best hour since the pilot this week.
  • It’s the second funniest new comedy on TV. Catch up on Community now!
  • After last night’s episode, Tom is on the market on Parks and Recreation!
  • Michael Scott has always been a bumbling idiot, but his latest confession of wrongdoing was more depressing than funny. Almost worse than Jim’s theory that he killed someone on The Office.
  • There were TWO full hours of Private Practice!
  • When Liz flounders as a fledgling talk show host, Devin Banks returns to sabotage Jack again, and Tracy decides to be a serious actor, funny 30 Rock quotes are sure to follow.