Levi Johnston to Seek Joint Custody of Tripp

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The man who Sarah Palin pretended was almost her son-in-law during her bid for the Vice Presidency in 2008 will be taking legal action to obtain joint custody of his child with her daughter, according to various reports.

Levi Johnston, 19, is the father of 10-month-old baby son Tripp with his ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin, also 19, the eldest daughter of the former Alaska chief exec.

The two were engaged to be married, at least according to her mom's publicist, during last year's campaign, but broke off their relationship earlier this year.

Johnston is seeking joint custody at the end of the month because the Palin family is allegedly making it difficult for him to see his son, he told The Insider.

He's also not mincing words when it comes to selling out Sarah, recently claiming to Vanity Fair that she called her baby retarded (he has Down Syndrome).

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Levi Johnston became quasi-famous because of unprotected, premarital sex. Is it too much to ask for him to enjoy joint custody of the fruit born of that endeavor?

"It's not working. I'm done," the future Playgirl centerfold said of the current situation, which he deems unacceptable based on how little they're letting him see Tripp.

He says he has no choice but to fight back - and take her down if needed.

"It's going to have to go to court. They just pushed me over the edge."

We just hope master thespian William Shatner will read the text of Levi's court papers, and Sarah's obligatory press conference to respond to them for good measure.

The relationship between Johnston and the Palins was never exactly good, but has taken a particularly nasty turn in the last few weeks, with Johnston calling Sarah Palin a hypocrite, and Palin lambasting him for the nude Playgirl pictorial.

Whose side are you on?

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