TLC-Your Ass in Court: Jon Gosselin Sued For Breach of Contract By Network

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Jon Gosselin hasn't played by the rules as an exclusive employee of TLC, the network alleges, accusing the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad of appearing on other shows for pay and making unauthorized disclosures about the TLC show.

As a result, the King of Pimps is being sued for breach of contract.

The lawsuit, filed today in Maryland's Circuit Court of Montgomery County, says that in June, in recognition of "the Gosselins' difficult personal circumstances," TLC asked both to refrain from making public statements about each other.

A 'cooling off' period was negotiated and was supposed to have put a lid on Jon for at least 45 days. But he went on to appear regularly on ET, The Insider and other shows to discuss life, the show, Kate being an abusive monster, etc.

The suit also accuses Jon of selling photographic rights to various celebrity gossip magazines and other media outlets, also in violation of Jon's TLC contract.

Moreover, dude didn't show up for work September 24 as required, even given six days' notice. Hey, he's got things to see and mediocre girls to do, okay?

Just when you think Jon Gosselin can't become even more of a mess ...

The suit is seeking from Gosselin unspecified compensatory damages and demanding he return income gained as a result of his breaches of the agreement.

TLC also wants him to shut the g*d d*mn h*ll up going forward. They didn't use that language, but believe us, that's the message they're trying to send.

"The network has been trying privately and patiently for months to get Jon to honor the contract he signed and to comply with obligations relating to public appearances and statements," TLC said. "Those efforts have been unsuccessful."

Team Jon had no immediate comment.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the show would be renamed Kate Plus 8 and feature little-to-no Jon. He responded by taking legal action to stop TLC from filming his eight kids for the show, citing an "epiphany" that it's bad for them.

Complete BS as that may be, TLC no choice but to comply and announced that the show will stop filming new episodes next month. Its future is up in the air.

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