Randy and Evi Quaid: Still Crazy, Facing Extradition

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Randy Quaid and his insane wife Evi Quaid were scheduled to appear in a Santa Barbara, Calif., court Monday morning for their odd B&B-bilking antics.

Naturally, neither of them showed.

The pair of nut jobs, who were arrested in Texas last month, now face extradition from the Lone Star State if they fail to answer the charges in person.

"It was on calendar today to see if they wanted to voluntarily appear," Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office spokesman Lee Carter told E! News.

"They didn't show up. The warrant in California remains outstanding."

Perhaps Evi Quaid was too busy flipping the f*%k out at the cops.

Evi Quaid Mug Shot
Randy Quaid Mug Shot

Still, the dynamic duo isn't wholly unprepared for their legal battle (hiring a new attorney), nor have they completely stonewalled their case's progress.

They've already made good on the outstanding $10,000 bill for their trouble-causing stay at the San Ysidro Ranch, which they were accused of stiffing.

However, the Quaids still need to enter pleas, or reach some plea deal, on three felony charges of burglary, defrauding an innkeeper and conspiracy.

Why haven't they already done this? Because they're bat$h!t crazy?

That, or as Carter puts it, "When the complaint was filed, a California warrant for their arrest was issued. The California warrant then goes into the national system. Texas recognized our warrant and filed their own case."

"When [the Quaids] were arrested, they posted bail and got out of custody on the felony fugitive case [in Texas] but the California warrant is outstanding."

Basically, it's a complicated legal matter and they're bat$h!t crazy.