Did Michael Cardosi-Jasmine Fiore Tryst Result in Her Murder?

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Jealousy was the most obvious motive for Ryan Jenkins' likely slaying of Jasmine Fiore last month, but police are still trying to figure out the details.

Specifically, what would cause Jenkins, who went on to kill himself, to fly into such rage that he'd brutally murder Jasmine Fiore, his Playboy model wife?

Well, just four days before she was killed, Jasmine shared a romantic moment on a California beach with a man who wasn't her husband, Michael Cardosi.

Cardosi is Jasmine's ex-husband, and who had been in prison for the last three years. The photos were taken the day he was let out of prison, August 11.

In pictures, the two can be seen hugging, smiling, touching and even sharing a kiss. Jasmine Fiore is not wearing her wedding ring in any of the photos.

Michael Cardosi, Jasmine Fiore

Jasmine Fiore with ex-husband Michael Cardosi.

Cardosi's mother, Winnie, says they were ecstatic to see each other during the two-day reunion, and Jasmine kept in touch with him during his time in prison.

Cops believe Jasmine was killed by Ryan Jenkins Friday, August 14. Cardosi was sent back to prison Sunday, August 16 for violating the terms of his probation.

It is not known if Jenkins knew about the reunion or if that is what set him off on a murderous rampage. There is also the theory that Fiore's text messages to Robert Hasman, a former fiance and friend, played a role in Jenkins' jealousy.

Jenkins is believed to have seen - and responded to - one of the last texts Hasman sent to Fiore on her phone. He wrote simply "suck it" that night she died.

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