Kristen Stewart Looks Sad, Says Journalists "Want Your Soul"

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Most of the free world wants Kristen Stewart's boyfriend.

But the Twilight Saga star isn't worried about losing Robert Pattinson to an adoring public. Instead, she's concerned about what celebrity gossip journalists want from her.

"The fact is, the paparazzi and most interviewers, they want your soul," Stewart says in the latest issue of Dazed & Confused, British fashion magazine. "It's so scary because your persona... and I guess I now have one, because people think of me in a certain way... is all based entirely on quick snippets of crazed moments in your life. And that is what people then base their entire opinion of me on!"

We disagree. Most individuals base their opinion of Kristen on a character she plays, which is equally strange, really.

Whatever "persona" Kristen Stewart has developed, at least it's one of an artist that truly cares about her work and shuns the spotlight.

You'll never see her in a sex tape, posing for the paparazzi or drawing attention to herself for reasons other than her career. Gotta respect that. (And be really, really jealous of who she's sleeping with!)


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