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Taking a few days off from hawking her dangerous cleansing solution, Kim Kardashian is on a tour of Africa with the Russell Simmons Diamond Empowerment Fund.

At least she’s trying to be.

The reality TV star, sister Khloe and boyfriend Reggie Bush were traveling from Botswana to Johannesburg, South Africa when she ran into her problem: a lost passport.

“They wouldn’t let me out of the customs line,” Kardashian told People about the ordeal. “They claimed they looked for it but I had a feeling they didn’t. They called the embassy and said I would have had to sleep at the hotel airport.”

Gasp! The horror!

Fortunately for Kardashian, her man came up bigger at the airport than he has on the field throughout his NFL career.

“Reggie begged to go check for the passport himself… and he found it!” she said. “He saved the day!”

Kim, Khloe and Bush are on this unique adventure because “we want to educate people how the diamond industry has helped so much in contrast to what people believe,” Kim said.

Wait, Kardashian is in favor of diamonds?!? Now we’ve heard everything!