Dude Says Mel Gibson Attacked Him; Cops Call BS

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Mel Gibson going off on a random dude (one is accusing him of this) would not surprise us in the least. Not after the incident with sugar t!ts way back.

But police think the guy is full of it this time.

The actor's "victim" claims he ripped apart his t-shirt for trying to snap a picture of Mel and girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva while they were at a club.

The guy went to LAPD Hollywood Division and filed a report against Gibson. Law enforcement says the "victim" suffered no injuries and may be lying.

After interviewing the man, cops believe it was impossible for Mel Gibson to have even made contact with him, as the star was wedged in a booth with his pregnant girlfriend and couldn't have realistically grabbed the dude's shirt.

Gibson attacker
Mel Picture

This tool appears to have ripped his own shirt and blamed Mel.

The man was asked to walk three times before the alleged incident took place. Security told him no photography was allowed in the club, but he persisted.

Cops say witnesses say the same thing - the guy made up the allegations of battery. No one saw his shirt ripped when he was leaving the venue.

Gibson will probably not even be interviewed. Case closed.


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