The Bachelorette Spoilers, Recap From Last Night

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Last week on The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris nixed Tanner Pope and Jake Pavelka despite rumors that one of the other guys in the house had a girlfriend.

That guy was Wes Hayden, obviously, and while Wes hasn't admitted to having a girlfriend, he admitted he was on the show for the music not for the girl.

This all came to a head last night in hilariously contrived fashion.

The first four hometown dates - Reid in Philadelphia, Michael in Valencia, Calif., Kiptyn Locke in Encinitas, Calif., and Jesse in Carmel, Calif., seemed rushed, crammed into the first 45 minutes. It eventually became clear why this happened.

Last night’s episode was really about two things alone:

  1. Jake Pavelka returning and confronting Wes Hayden.
  2. The long-predicted return of Ed from Chicago.

Both of these things happened during Jillian Harris' final hometown date, to visit Wes' family in Austin, Texas. Upon her arrival, Wes tells Jillian that she's meeting his family, but she meets his other family - his band - first.

He played his song for her again. It was terrible again. 

Then came the return of Jake. Jillian was worried Jake was coming to get her back, but that's wasn't the case. He was coming to rat Wes Hayden out.

Jake (left) told Jillian that Wes (right) had a girlfriend named Laurel.

Jillian was visibly upset. Jillian asked Wes Hayden point blank if there was anything he needed to tell her and he said, "no." Jillian told him what Jake said. Wes claimed that Laurel was an ex-girlfriend that he's still good friends with.

Jillian brought the guys together to hash it out. Jake said he was going to hold Wes "accountable," but Wes denied it and Jake was left crying in the hallway.

After the drama, Wes and Jillian went on to meet his family for dinner. That went well. But Jillian had one more surprise before the rose ceremony. It was Ed.

He said he needed to "re-prioritize" and asked for another shot. Jillian was tongue-tied but invited him to the rose ceremony to vie for a rose with the others.

Jillian had four roses and now six guys. Cue dramatic music.

Just how contrived and/or staged were these two developments?

According to reliable sources, while Wes Hayden may be a complete douchebag, he is getting at least partially hosed as far as editing goes. His comments about girlfriends and "tasting" fame are taken largely out of context.

As for the whole scene of Jake confronting Wes about a girlfriend named “Laurel,” it's not a question of whether this is manufactured, only to what degree.

Jillian Harris: "I can't handle any more surprises..."

[Knock, knock!]

Why even have her say that line? We are more surprised by the lack of even making it seem like it could real than the fact that it's not real.

Really guys? Jake in his questionable airline outfit showing up at Jillian’s room to warn her about Wes? Having a camera in his room when she called? Him agreeing to "stick around" if she "needs anything" - like a BS confrontation?

That was bad even by General Hospital standards.

You’ve known this girl for a whole month and yet you’re SO concerned for her well being that you call Tanner Pope to ask if you’re doing the right thing?

Clearly, Jake was somehow coerced into coming back, and that whole scene was a sham. As for whether Laurel exists, or is dating Wes, that is unclear.

However, it seems incredibly unlikely, given the editing, that Wes admitted blatantly to having an exclusive girlfriend while he was filming the show.

As for the return of Ed, that was accurately predicted two weeks ago, and no good reason was offered other than a simple change of heart. Scripted much?

Some interesting news regarding Ed has come to light in the last week or so. The rumors circulating are that a girl that he was dating who believed she was his girlfriend is pretty upset at what has transpired with him on The Bachelorette.

This girl couldn’t get a hold of Ed for a bit when he left for “Texas” (i.e. Spain and Hawaii). An email was sent asking “So I guess we’re seeing other people now” and Ed said “No, I just need to wait until this show is over.”

According to sources, this Chicago girlfriend of Ed’s is apparently under the assumption they are still together and she just has to wait out the show.

Moreover, the girl wants to stay out of the media as she is embarrassed her boyfriend went on a dating show on national TV. Now that would be something.

In any event, it should come as no shock that Wes and Ed ended up getting roses after all of this. They're the ones bringing in the ratings, after all.

Recipients of roses from Jillian Harris: Reid, Kiptyn, Ed and Wes.

Sacked by Jillian: Michael and Jesse.

The Bachelorette spoilers: Wes goes home next week. Bank on it. Kiptyn Locke has reportedly signed a deal to become the next Bachelor. Stay tuned there.

Is Kiptyn Locke going to be the next Bachelor? We think so.

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