Group Not GLAAD to Hear Perez Hilton Gay Slur

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Perez Hilton used the word "f**got" to describe during their fight the other night, which the blogger said he did because it would really tick him off.

It worked, and Perez was assaulted by the Black Eyed Peas' manager.

Well, not surprisingly, it appears that and his camp were not the only peeps offended by the crass use of the anti-gay slur by Perez (who is gay).

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) says they have asked the most hated man in celebrity gossip to apologize for using the awful word.

Perez must be really busy scrawling sex organs and unfunny comments on various celebrity pictures, because he has yet to respond to the group's request.

Perez Hilton allegedly received a black eye for disturbing the Peas.

GLAAD's statement on the incident - which led to Black Eyed Peas manager Polo Molina being arrested and charged with assault on Hilton, reads:

"We have reached out to Perez Hilton and asked him to apologize for promoting this anti-gay slur, and we would ask media outlets to avoid repetition of the slur in their coverage of this story.

"For someone in our own community to use it to attack another human being by saying that it is, quote, 'The worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,' is incredibly dangerous."

"It legitimizes use of a slur that is often linked to violence against our community. And it sends a message that it is OK to attempt to dehumanize people by exploiting these anti-gay attitudes."

Follow the link for a video of the fight, and tell us what you think. Did Perez get what he deserved? Should be apologize? What about the Peas?

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