Daisy de la Hoya 911 Call Released; Exorcist Wanted

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Nothing surprises us when you're talking about Daisy de la Hoya. But a 911 call asking for an exorcism specialist? We'd have to say that's a first.

The dude who made the 911 call on May 7 on behalf of the Rock of Love 2 and Daisy of Love "star" said Daisy had completely lost her mind.

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

Here's a portion of the hilarious telephone call that sums it up well:

Dude: "As weird as it sounds, it feels like an exorcism. She's like-"
Daisy de la Hoya: [in background] "F*%k, f*%k, f*%k!"
Dude: "... throwing up."
Dispatcher: "Is she mentally ill?"
Dude: "Uhh..."
Daisy de la Hoya: [indecipherable babbling]

The unidentified fella was then transferred to the local fire department, which listed the call as "possible overdose," which Daisy de la Hoya later denied.

A rep for the "star" stated after the fact that Daisy was simply exhausted, and that her bizarre behavior that night was in no way caused by drug abuse.

Straight out of the Amy Winehouse PR playbook.

Follow the link to hear the full 911 call!

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Daisy de la Hoya Nude
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