Carrie Prejean is an Immature, Self-Serving Moron; Emails Uncovered

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Hahahaha, Carrie Prejean supporters. Ur so gr8.

Sorry, we're just trying to speak the language of the woman you hold in such high regard, based on a few sentences she uttered.

After Prejean was fired as Miss California yesterday, the inarticulate beauty queen fired back at the pageant. She claimed that the decision was purely political and that she had done everything the organization had asked of her.

Carrie is lying.

Fox News has uncovered a series of emails between Prejean and Miss California director Keith Lewis. In the first, Carrie makes it clear that she expects to be notified of ALL offers that come her way. But does she do it in a calm, reasonable, mature manner? Not even close:


Carrie supporters have erroneously claimed that the pageant was requiring her to take on unreasonable tasks, as a means to forcing her out. One reader suggested Prejean was being made to "do porn" and enter a "hot warzone."

But this email makes it clear just how much Prejean is a bitch did not grasp the concept that she was the employee of a company; as long as she represented them via the crown on her head, she had no right telling her employers what she was planning to do.

Incredibly, Lewis handled the outburst with class and professionalism. He wrote back:


Then, of course, there's the accusation that Miss California officials were somehow forcing Prejean to pose for Playboy. Once again, we turn to electronic mail exchanges as proof to the contrary. Such an offer appears to be the topic of conversation below:

New email


For a final time, to Prejean and her supporters: the First Amendment protects one from being imprisoned for speaking one's mind. It has absoluetly nothing to do with an employee being obligated to behave in a manner that is consistent with her employer's requests.

Otherwise, no one would ever get fired. Hey, you can't let me go for revealing company secrets to our rival? What about freedom of speech?!?

That's all that was ever going on here. Carrie Prejean did not follow the rules stipulated in a contract that she signed. It's not complicated.

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