Susan Boyle Reportedly Flips the F%*k Out!

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Susan Boyle may not resemble a typical, spoiled celebrity. But is she starting to act like one?

According to Great Britain's The Sun, everyone's favorite Britain's Got Talent finalist dropped a series of F bombs during a pair of outbursts this week.

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First, the singer was reportedly angered on Tuesday night by comments judge Piers Morgan made regarding rival contestant Shaheen Jafargholi, as he was praised for the "best singing performance we've seen so far."

According to the newspaper, Boyle - watching the show at a bar with Shaheen's friends - stood and screamed "f**k off" before storming out of the establishment.

"She got a bit annoyed when a busload of tourists asked for autographs and told them to wait until Shaheen had finished. She was smiling as Shaheen sang but afterwards, when Piers started praising him, Susan went nuts," said a witness. "She got up, did one of those strange wiggling dances that she does, and then stuck two fingers up at the TV. Then she marched off. We didn't see her again."

Second, the police allegedly intervened yesterday after Boyle lost it in the lobby of the Wembley Plaza Hotel in North London.

While it's unknown exactly what prompted her rage, onlookers say the Scottish singer screamed "How f***ing dare you! You can't f***ing talk to me like that," when approached by a couple individuals at the hotel.

Crying, Boyle exited the premises and was followed to the street by her family, the show's production staff and the cops. Said one officer to the burgeoning star:

"You are in the public eye, you must learn to expect this sort of thing."

The Britain's Got Talent finale airs this weekend. Might winning, and the subsequent fame that will follow, actually be a bad thing for Boyle?

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