First Lady Fashion: Michelle Obama's Tips For Success

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Okay, so Michelle Obama didn't personally compile this list for us, but the First Lady of the United States is certainly a celebrity style icon worth emulating!

Whether she's at black tie affairs or dressed down working in the White House garden or walking Bo the First Dog, she always looks just about perfect.

Rihanna in Vogue

You may never live in the White House, but here are 10 simple Michelle Obama fashion tips you can master to look great on practically any occasion:

1. Play Up Your Assets!

2. Choose Signature Pieces!

3. Discover Defining Colors!

4. Get a Great Haircut!

5. Don't Sacrifice Comfort!

6. Shop Your Closet!

7. Accessorize like a Pro!

8. Reveal Your Silhouette!

9. Find Your Resources!

10. Know When to WOW!

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