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Jessica Simpson’s life as a country singer might be over.

But it looks like the attention-starved, plastic beauty is already planning her next professional move.

Over the weekend, for reasons unknown, Jessica posted the following profound words on fan site Might a (hilarious) career a poet be next in line for Simpson?

Why do we let the sun SET with its beauty, then find ourselves ugly.
Didn’t God, whoever he may be to you, create both? If a sunset is beautiful, then so are we.
Love yourself morning, noon, and night. Sunrise. Sunset.
Xo jess

But didn’t God also create granny pants, Jess? The sun can set beautifully all it wants, but you answered your own question about finding ourselves ugly when you wore that outfit.

Meanwhile, Simpson and boyfriend tried to avoid the paparazzi during a night out in West Hollywood Saturday They failed to do so, and looked miserable as a result…

Click on the photos above to enlarge images of Jessica and Tony, both quite displeased with the abundance of photographers on their date.