American Idol Power Rankings: Volume III

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And then there were eight.

Following the unsurprising ousting of Megan Joy from American Idol last week, the competition heads into tonight's performance show with a lot on the line.

How do our Power Rankinks reflect the status of various contestants? Let's find out...

5. Lil Rounds: This is your last chance, Lil! Drop the outdated looks, abandon the ballads and let loose! We all know you have the vocal chops, but your performances have grown more stale with each passing week.

4. Matt Giraud: Simon Cowell gave his best advice of the season to Giraud last week: you're talented, stop trying to emulate other artists. We didn't appreciate this crooner's attempt to replicate a hit from The Fray a week ago. We hope to see something more original tonight.

3. Kris Allen: Holding steady. Last week's wonderfully arranged "Ain't No Sunshine" was his best routine of the season. Continues to prove that he's more than a pretty face.

2. Danny Gokey: We go back and forth on Gokey each week. Following his most recent performance of "What Hurts the Most," though, we're back to being Gokeheads!

1. Adam Lambert: It's official. He's our favorite American Idol contestant of all-time.

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American Idol Quotes

Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

Paula Abdul [after Brooke White was eliminated on season seven]

I read some of this online this morning and just for the record, the rumors — they’re not true. She’s part of our family and we love her.

Ryan Seacrest [on rumor of Paula Abdul being drunk on the show]