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Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss is getting ready to give Shayne Lamas and her “good-looking” family the Kim Kardashian treatment – reality TV show style.

“Not that the Kardashians aren’t good looking, but the Lamas  family is a very good looking family,” Fleiss said.

“You see Shayne, her sister Dakota and [their brother, former Lindsay Lohan boy toy] A.J. Lamas and obviously [her father] Lorenzo anchoring it with his rugged handsomeness. They’re wild, crazy characters, but also very good looking.”

Fleiss said the E! reality series starring last season’s The Bachelor winner and her family and friends is currently in pre-production – and E! is excited.

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“It’s very strong. [E! programming executive] Lisa Berger is very happy with it,” Fleiss said. “We think it has a chance to be a real hit for them.”

Shayne Lamas received the final rose and a marriage proposal from The Bachelor star Matt Grant on the season finale last May. They lasted a few weeks at least.

The couple called off their engagement in July after a report surfaced that she had traveled to Las Vegas and cheated on him with media mogul Justin Wenerger.

Shayne Lamas denied she cheated on Matt Grant and claimed that although the couple hadn’t announced it at the time, their relationship was over long before.

In addition, Shayne attributed Grant’s inability to handle her hard-partying Hollywood lifestyle as the reason they spilt. She’s a class act, through and through.

We can’t wait for the new reality show, that’s for sure. Talk about made-for-TV. Click to enlarge more classic pictures of ditzy, skanky Shayne Lamas