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The Internet is familiar with Natalie Dylan: World Famous Virgin for Sale.

But what about Natalie Dylan: Charity Spokesperson?

In a new interview with Scandalist, the college student that has made headlines for putting her virginity up for auction says post-coital plans include help with numerous organizations.

“It’s really an honor,” Dylan said of being approached to help charities that assist women in need. “One helps women forced into prostitution and another helps women who have suffered genital mutilation.”

Natalie Dylan: pathetic virgin desperate for attention? Or genius entrepreneur?

Regarding the the most buzzed-about one night stand in history, Natalie hopes the pathetic rich guy that pays for her deflowering won’t expect a relationship out of it.

“I prefer to meet someone organically. I wouldn’t want to meet someone [to date] that way,” she said of the auction.

Like her legs will be the night this deal is complete, however, we assume Dylan is open to anything.