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A security guard at Hollywood’s Scientology Celebrity Centre shot and killed an unidentified man wielding two Samurai swords on Sunday.

According to police, the man showed up in a red convertible and approached three guards around noon in the parking lot of the castle-like facility – which counts Scientolo-celebs Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise among its guests.

Deputy Chief Terry S. Hara of the Los Angeles Police Department said the man was “close enough to hurt them” when one of the guards took him out.

Asked if the shooting was justified, Hara confirmed it was, saying “the evidence itself, it’s very clear. The security officers were defending their safety.”

Detective Wendi Berndt told The Los Angeles Times that the man – who was in his 40s – was involved with the church of Scientology a long time ago: “There was a previous relationship. But it is unclear to what degree.”

In other news, the Scientology building totally misspelled “Center” on its sign!