Axed NFL Cheerleader Offers Best Excuse Ever

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A New England Patriots cheerleader was booted from the reigning Super Bowl choke artists for drawing penises and swastikas on a drunk dude at a Halloween party.

That's funny enough - but you have to hear her excuse.

In a statement, Caitlin Davis, 18, refused to take responsibility for the offensive images drawn on the passed out fellow, because, "The kid in the picture was a 'drunk guy who passed out and was written on,' as his costume for the night."

It all went down in a dorm at Boston College, says Caitlin Davis (pictured).

"Me and my girls left the dorm and went to another house and came back to the kid passed out on the futon we were suppose [sic] to sleep on. The guys ended up drawing more on him due to the fact that he was the first one to pass out on Halloween night ... At the time I had jumped in the picture with the kid, I didn't realize what had been drawn on him, which I take responsibility for not being alert. Me and my girlfirends [sic] took pictures with him because we found it humorous how badly he was drawn on ... It has taught me so much and and gave me a life experience I'll never forget."

Man, with this flagrant lack of discipline, no wonder the Patriots have three more losses than all of last season. Tom Brady? Rolling in grave as we speak.