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The eighth season of American Idol premieres on Tuesday, January 13.

But no true fan can wait that long to see who made the first round of cuts. While none of the following names can be confirmed, The New York Post has revealed an early look at some of the semi-known people that have reportedly advanced to Hollywood.

They include:

Maddie Poppe Wins American Idol
Photo via ABC
  • David Osmond, the nephew of Donny and Marie. David is the son of Alan Osmond, one of the original Osmond Family singers; also suffered from West Nile Virus, which left him with a form of muscular dystrophy.
  • Michael Castro, younger brother of last year’s popular finalist Jason Castro. 
  • Anna Kaelin, the daughter of David Archuleta’s vocal coach.
  • Danielle  Roundtree (pictured), Miss New York USA 2008; lives in Queens and sings in jazz clubs.
  • Jackie Tohn (pictured), an actress from Long Island who’s been working in Hollywood since she was nine years old; has appeared in shows ranging from The Nanny to The Sopranos.
  • Tom and Jennifer Korbee, the first-ever husband and wife to advance.

Remember the names Danielle Roundtree (left) and Jackie Tohn. Either could be the next American Idol.