Sheryl Lowe: Laura Boyce Playing Legal System, Meat Bugle

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Forget Days of Our Lives.

Real soap opera excitement is taking place at Rob Lowe's house!

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The back-and-forth accusations between the actor, his wife Sheryl and a pair of employees - Jessica Gibson and Laura Boyce - have reached a new, absurd, racist low.

Boyce, a former nanny for the family, has filed legal papers, reiterating the following claim: when she tried to call in sick to work one day, Sheryl Lowe yelled the reason for her illness was "she got strep throat from sucking n****r d**k. I mean black d**k."

Well, at least she corrected herself. That's more than Charlie Sheen can say.

Sheryl Lowe is accused of being more than just racist. She's making oral sex seem like a bad thing!

In new documents filed yesterday and published by TMZ, Boyce claims on November 16, 2007 she called in sick.

She states she "heard Sheryl Lowe in the background yelling and laughing into the phone." Then, she allegedly made the racist comments because; at the time, Boyce was dating an African-American man.

After hearing what Sheryl said, Boyce quit on the spot.

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