Face-Off: Should Britney Spears Be Given Custody?

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Britney Spears is doing better lately, but is she well enough to regain custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James - which she's trying to do That's the subject of today's Face-Off. Comments are encouraged as The Hollywood Gossip debates ...


YES by mischalova

Over the past few weeks, celebrity gossip followers that have read through the Britney Spears section of our site have learned that the singer:

  • Wears outfits with critters on them
  • Attends her sister's baby shower
  • Is guest starring on an episode of one of TV's highest-rated sitcoms

Do these really sound like the actions of an unfit mother?

Granted, Britney stumbled for a bit there.

Months ago, The Hollywood Gossip's pages were filled with tales of Brit not wearing underwear, getting into traffic accidents, partying every night and dating a member of the paparazzi that may or may not have been a terrorist.

But is Spears not allowed to make mistakes, simply because she's famous?

With Jamie Lynn Spears set to pop any week now, Britney realize she must serve as a role model to her younger sister. And her two sons, we suppose. With that - and her recent tame actions - in mind, anyone with a heart can only arrive at one conclusion:

Free Britney... from the shackles of restricted motherhood!

NO by Free Britney

Are you kidding me? Earlier this year it was reported that Jamie Spears has to do an underwear check on 26-year-old Britney Spears. She's supposed to be in charge of the welfare of small humans? Get outta town.

No, really. While we doubt that particular piece of celebrity gossip is true, the fact remains that for the past 18 months, Britney Spears has become synonymous with "train wreck." And "no pants." Not a pretty (or sexy) picture.

To be fair, bipolar disorder is not a laughing matter, and we're very glad Britney Spears is getting the treatment she needs. She's been through a rough period and she's beginning to piece her shattered life back together.

We're proud of her, but it's a slow process - the end of which is nowhere close. Britney is rebounding by taking life a day at a time, gradually settling into a normal, clothed routine. She's on her way, but not there yet.

Her ex, Kevin Federline, has done and will continue to do an admirable job with sole custody of Jayden James and Sean Preston. This is not a true "battle" - Kevin wants Britney in the boys' life again. Soon. But now is not the time.

Should Kevin Federline share custody with Britney Spears?

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