David Archuleta Speaks!

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With American Idol down to its final three contestants, David Archuleta remains the favorite (even though we prefer the stage presence of David Cook).

Below, the 17-year old cutie speaks with Billboard about his experiences so far on the show:

It seems like you're always emotionally connected to the lyrics you're singing.
When I was younger, I didn't know what made me sing the song differently or how I sang it. I still don't really understand fully, but the lyrics do mean a lot to me now, a lot more than before. I didn't even pay attention to the lyrics when I was 12, 13.

Probably around the second year I did "Star Search" is when I paid more attention to the lyrics. I thought the music itself had such a power to it and now that I've understood how powerful lyrics are as well, I think that has allowed me to progress.

Simon Cowell said David Archuleta "crushed" the competition this week.

Earlier this season, you talked about suffering vocal paralysis a few years ago. Were you worried you wouldn't be able to sing again?
The year after "Star Search" is when I found out I had vocal paralysis. That's when I was really struggling, barely getting through a minute-and-a-half song. I took a break after that, because I thought, "I can't do this." I was having a hard time singing and I didn't have a range back then and I didn't know if it was permanent or not. I had no idea what it was.

I'd never even heard of it. I didn't know your vocal chords could get paralyzed. After a while, I thought, "I need to start singing again. I just love it too much." You know, there's just something about it that makes you feel something that you can't feel anywhere else.

So I kept doing that, just singing here and there, [like] Stadium of Fire, this thing they do in Utah for the Fourth of July at BYU Stadium.

After a while, my voice started coming back. My range started getting bigger. So I started trying to figure out what I could do again. I thought everyone could sing. A lot of people have that ability and it seemed the older I got, the more people could sing.

I started to write some songs. I thought that was really fun to do. I still can't really do that. I'd like to get into that more. I think this experience on "American Idol," trying to figure out what songs work best with your voice and trying to arrange them has really helped and I'd like to see if I can write some more stuff, because I've only written like three songs all the way.

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