Jenna Bush Reveals Details of Wedding to Henry Hager

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As you try to decide which celebrity couple will get married first, here are a few details on a famous wedding we know is taking place next month.

Jenna Bush and Henrey Hager are getting married on May 10. But the daughter of G-Dubs won't be getting hitched at the White House.

"I was raised in Texas and it just felt right," Bush said of holding the festivities in that state rather than the White House, according to The Washington Post. "It means a lot to Henry and me to be outdoors. We wanted something organic and low key."

As for the dress (we're really sorry here, guys, go check out Megan Fox nude):

Oscar de la Renta, a favorite of presidential wives for several administrations, will be designing Jenna's gown. This may explain why the always-hilarious President Bush joked last month:

"I had to face some very difficult spending decisions and I've had to conduct sensitive diplomacy. That's called planning for a wedding."

This guy cracks us up. Remember those hysterical jokes about Weapons of Mass Destruction he made back in the day?

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