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For Eli Manning, if there is anything sweeter than beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, it’s having Abby McGrew join his team – for life!

With the New York Giants quarterback and his fiancee set to get married Saturday afternoon, the bride and groom-to-be – with friends and family members – have officially been spotted at a Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, resort.

“They’re an adorable couple,” a staff member at One & Only Palmilla Resort, tells New York’s Daily News. “We like having them here very much.”

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After putting around 27 holes on the Pamilla’s Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course with brother Peyton Manning and four pals on Thursday morning, Eli Manning retreated to the hotel pool, where he lunched with Abby McGrew.

As guests for the small Eli Manning-Abby McGrew wedding continued to arrive in Mexico, a sunset picnic buffet was set up for them on the beach. Sounds nice.

As afternoon turned to evening, Eli Manning, 27, and McGrew, 24, reportedly did some line dancing to the hotel’s reggae band, as did their guests.

The destination wedding is for family members and close friends only.

This afternoon, Abby McGrew and her fellow ladies will hit the resort’s spa, where hair and makeup specialists are said to be flying in from Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, boys will be boys. Eli Manning and brothers Peyton and Cooper, along with friends, are gearing up for a guys’ night out. Woo!