Adnan Ghalib and Kathy Griffin: WTF!?

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Yes, that's what it looks like and that's definitely what it is. The photo below shows
former (or possibly still current, who the eff knows) Britney Spears boy toy Adnan Ghalib with comedian Kathy Griffin. Does this reek of a stunt to anyone else?

Adnan Ghalib: Britney's Ex-Lover

Adnan Ghalib hasn't been heard from much in recent months. Kathy Griffin hasn't been heard from much... ever, really. So what are they doing together here?

The odd couple went shopping, held hands and made damn sure the celebrity news peeps noticed. Hmm. Either this is an act for Pop Fiction or some crap like that, or Adnan is trying to make Britney Spears jealous and failing miserably.

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