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We’ve already talked about her once today (for being such a fashion train wreck), but now, Kate Bosworth is on the Marie Claire cover for April 2008, so get ready for a double-dip of this very skinny and somewhat talented star!

Here are some excerpts of Marie Claire’s Kate Bosworth interview

On getting older: “I just turned 25, which was a weird birthday. I feel like I had this quarter-century crisis. Whenever I said before that I was 21 or 22, everyone would say, ‘Oh, see, you’re so young.’ And all of a sudden, you hit 25, and people say, “Oh, right, uh, OK.’ And you’re like, ‘Uh, what do you mean?”

Kate Bosworth at the Gala
(Getty Images)

On James Rousseau: “Orlando Bloom and I were both in the public eye. So this relationship [with James Rousseau] has been a little easier. And I feel like I’m in a different stage of my life, to be honest. Orlando and I, we were younger…”

Kate, in the eyes of 21 co-star Josh Gad: “Kate Bosworth can drink anyone under the table. Get a couple in her, and she’s definitely a very fun and crazy girl. We went out to a pub on St. Patrick’s Day. Not only did she pick the place, but she picked the rowdiest place, where everybody and their mother came. And it’s like, ‘OK, she’s one of us! Let’s get sh!t-faced!’ Kate is always one step ahead of you. She had a blast, and everybody was just enamored of the fact that there’s a star singing, dancing, going nuts. But she was also the first one to be like, ‘OK, I’m out of here.”